“For all the good we’ve achieved, the web has evolved into an engine of inequity and division; swayed by powerful forces who use it for their own agendas” – Tim Berners-Lee

We think blockchain can help. Our mission is to create a platform in Asia-Pacific for leading web3 protocols to build a trustworthy, inclusive web; and for enterprise DLT solutions to build collaborative business networks.

Our flagship conference De/Centralize 2018 broke new ground in bringing the decentralised web to Singapore, sparking a conversation between government, academia and the blockchain community.





Kenneth has been part of the blockchain phenomenon since 2014 and invested in several token projects at inception-stage including Ethereum, Cosmos and Tezos. Previously an equities trader with Goldman Sachs in London, he is an angel investor to a variety of startups. Kenneth holds an M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College and an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies.